Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weigh in today

I weighed in today at Weight Watchers. I knew I was upon weight because I have gotten out of the habit of recording everything I eat. So to I resolved to write it all down. OF course I have tio that in between taking care of the dogs, getting the kids moving on some stuff, paying bills, and getting other things done before 2:00 when I take Max to lessons and then at 4 we have portraits being taken. I had hoped I was still down on weight, but not. I just need to do it!

After the weigh in and meeting, I went to the park and did a brisk walk for 30 minutes and then cleaned all the trash out of my van. I stopped for a skinny vanilla latte for my breakfast and headed home. I get here and my DH (Dear Husband) lets me know that there is a lot to do. Well, duh. I know that and he has a mouth and can tell the kids what needs to be done too, but he won't.

Anyway, I am resolving to make it my 7 more days with no candy, cookies, or cake. I should probably add pizza to that list too. And maybe crackers too... ha ha ha

Tune in next time for how I am doing

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