Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yeah ME!

At work yesterday there were two, count them two cakes for a birthday. I HAD NONE!!!! I did not go back and didn't even feel bad that I had not sampled. Then at lunch, a very nice employee was offering us all homemade cinnamon rolls.. ugh... I bypassed them. YEAH ME!!!

Now if I could just bypass the chips like the flavored pretzels and the carmel corn!

I am so proud that I bypassed those hurdles at work yesterday. I was a bit grouchy yesterday too. I think it is because the kids called and were screeching at each other in my ear. I hung up on them! ha ha

Then the rest of the night was that way. eveyone grumpy. So the kids went to bed before 8:30.

Today is a new day to do it again. I need to be strong willed and move forward. I need to pep talk myself each day. I do not need those items to survive. They are only the little extras that should be just that, a little extra from time to time.

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